Monday, July 13, 2009

New pictures

Cameron loves holding Lydia. He is always asking me to take a picture of him holding her.

Lydia doesn't love her bath yet. But last night, I did give her a bath and she cried only a little!

Cameron likes to help us get Lydia's bath ready. He likes to help fill her bath and get her shampoo ready. Notice his "BYU" shirt. We aren't necessarily BYU fans, but we got this shirt, and the first time Cameron put it on, Jason said "this is BYU". Cameron said "B Y Me?" Jason said "No BYU." And again, Cameron said "B Y Me?" So that's what his shirt is called now. B Y Me.

Lydia's "thinking" pose.


Susana said...

It looks like Cameron is really liking being a big brother. He's so adorable!! I love hearing about all the things he comes up with!!

The Cole's said...

You have some cute kids! I'm glad Cameron likes his new sister. She looks so tiny in the bathtub. Can't wait to meet her. Miss you guys!

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