Friday, February 6, 2009

It's a.........

GIRL!!! Yes, we are going to be having a girl! We are very excited. We had our ultrasound on Tuesday, and everything went well. They checked her heart, spine, limbs, brain, etc., and everything looked great. That was the best news. And, of course, we wanted to know if it was a boy or girl. I can't handle the suspense. She was clearly a girl. I had given her a pep talk before we went, because I didn't want her to be shy. I told her we would stay there until we knew, so I guess she decided it was easier to go along with it than to try to hide. We had a little group of people there with us: of course Jason and Cameron, my mom, all 4 sisters, and my brother. My two nieces were there as well. We asked some people before hand what they thought it would be, and it was close. There were a few more guesses for girl than boy, but it was pretty even. Jason's family sent roses to the doctor's office for me since they couldn't be there. They are my favorite color, orange, and they are beautiful. It was such a fun surprise to have them waiting there for me. We now have to add a little pink to the nursery and start shopping for little girl stuff. We are very happy that she will be here in a few months.
I am attaching a couple pictures from the ultrasound. They are pictures of her face. The first one, she's kinda on the side, and the second one she's up and down.

And here's a picture of my flowers